About Me

My name is Sarah, I live with my husband in good 'ol Missouri! Yee-haw. I definitely have an eclectic personallity, I love bright shiny cute things as well as dark and eerie things! :P I am an animal lover (somtimes a bit to the extreme) I have 3 crazy cute, eccentric cats whose names are: Elvis, Vincent "Moosey Fate" Bronson and Kitty. :P I also have an adorable little crested Gecko named Oliver Poindexter-he is super hyper and extra cute!
I am a huge fan of all things handmade!  I not only sell supplies on Etsy, but I have a
And of course I am addicted to shopping on Etsy!

I also love to collect dolls, mostly bjd's and Pullips, but am currently
obsessed with handmade Art Dolls!
And yes this is a picture of my adorable hubby hugging a giant Rubber Ducky!  :P
My Evil Kitty: Elvis
My little nephew stole my hat!