Monday, December 10, 2012

Lent and Pooky's wishlist

Realpuki Love

I love all my realpuki's so much, and one of the very best places to 
find adorable and unique clothing for them is on, of course Etsy.  :)

This is Lent, my first Realpuki:
a short bio of Lent
Name: Lent
RealPuki Type: Aki
Age: nobody knows
Gender: Male
Likes:  Cats, sleeping, toys, pranks, clothes
Favorite clothing designer:  WoodlandWings on Etsy
This is Lent's favorite outfit he got for Halloween from WoodlandWings:
this is Lent's newest friend, Pooky-she is also a clothing hoarder
They have been browsing Etsy and have made a Xmas wish list for me,
here are some of there favorites by some awesome Etsy artists:

outfit by: thebeadloomgallery on Etsy

Pooky really wants this for Xmas-outfit by: JCsTinyTreasures on Etsy

wouldn't Lent look adorable in this, outfit by:  WoodlandWings on Etsy

socks to keep there feet warm, socks by:  PinkPantherrr on Etsy

so many choices, by:  MyHeartForCrochet on Etsy

thanks for looking, now it's time for me to choose some prezzies for the little ones.  :)


  1. Love your post! I am actually looking for doll clothes right now for a doll I bought for my granddaughter. Perfect timing...thanks for mentioning the Etsy sellers!

  2. :) There's lots more awesome Etsy sellers that make adorable doll clothes, that's where I do most of my shopping. Love Etsy!!