Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For those of you unfortunate souls that have not heard of Katwise, 
she is by far my favorite designer/artist on Etsy!

I stumbled upon her coats a couple years ago
and have since been trying to aquire one of these amazing creations.
She is the original creator of the Upcycled Pixie/Elf Coats,
which sell out as soon as they're listed-I have
waited patiently for her listings to come up and
have tried to snag one a few times, with no luck, understandably so!  :)

Check out her website for more info on her famous coats here:
Her Etsy shop here:
and her Facebook here:

She recently created a Tutorial on her Etsy for 
those of you brave enough to try to create one yourself, 
I even bought one-not sure if I'll be able to make my own, 
and am still holding out to purchase my Katwise Dream Coat!

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  1. pretty and inspiring photos! I love all of the color! I am following you now, return the favor?? :D

    love, polly